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Spill Management

  1. Biohazard Spill Kit

    Biohazard Spill Kit - Wall Mounted Emergency Bodily Fluids spill kit, 2 x Blood and 2 x Urine/Vomit, Record Card Learn More
  2. Hard Surface Wipes : Tub of 200

    Hard Surface Wipes : Tub of 200, Dis-infective, Wipe size 20cm x 20cm, effective against a range of bacteria Learn More
  3. Mattress: Deodoriser Spray

    MATTRESS DEODORISER SPRAY, 125ml, kills dust mites and their eggs, destroys unpleasant odours and bacteria instantly, leaving the mattress clean and fresh smelling Learn More
  4. Purell Hand Sanitiser Pocket-Sized 118ml

    Purell Hand Sanitiser Pocket-Sized 118ml, hygienic hand rub that giving a total hand hygiene system that promotes infection control Learn More
  5. Purell Hand Sanitiser Pump Dispenser 350ml

    Purell Hand Sanitiser Pump Dispenser 350ml, promotes infection control. Combines both antimicrobial efficacy and clinically proven maintenance of skin health Learn More

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