Bentley Mobility Equipment

Bentley Nursing supply a range of mobility equipment to help people with disabilities move around much more comfortable. We provide the best model scooters, wheelchairs and motor support including; bathroom rails and ramps for better accessibility.


With easy control and many different styles available, you can find the ideal mobility scooter to help you get around comfortably.


Bentley Nursing creates accessible bathrooms and wetrooms, installing assistive equipment and furniture for people with reduced mobility.


Our portable ramps and bespoke mobility ramps help wheelchair and scooter users gain access to property much easier.


With professional help, Bentley can install bespoke stairlifts into your property, allowing you to use your stairs effortlessly.


Our wheelchairs offer excellent comfort and support and are suitable for many different types of terrain. We provide both self-propelled wheelchairs and nursing wheelchairs to suit the user.


Our rollators and walking frames offer great assistance for people who have reduced mobility by supporting your body while you move around.